During the treatment, a specialized laser handpiece is placed over the skin and delivers gentle, precise microbeams of energy, which create thousands of tiny treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin. The body's natural healing process then works to replace the damaged cells with new, healthy tissue.

Clear and Brilliant Laser has a range of benefits for a variety of skin types and concerns. These include:

reduced fine lines/wrinkles

improved skin tone & texture

reduced pore size

increased radiance & brightness

improved acne & acne scars

reduced sun damage

How the Clear & Brilliant Laser Works

Clear and Brilliant Laser is a quick and comfortable procedure that typically takes less than 45 minutes to complete. Before the treatment, a numbing cream is applied to the skin, which helps to minimize any discomfort. During the treatment, you may feel slight heat and a tingling sensation, but it should not be painful. After the treatment, you can expect a mild redness and swelling, which typically resolves within a few hours. You can resume your normal activities right after the procedure.

The Clear and Brilliant Laser Experience

1 treatment | $625
package of 4 | $500 each

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Most patients see noticeable results after just one Clear and Brilliant Laser treatment. However, for optimal results, it's recommended that patients undergo a series of three to six treatments, spaced a few weeks apart. The results can be long-lasting, depending on your skincare regimen and lifestyle choices.

If you're ready to experience the benefits of Clear and Brilliant Laser for yourself, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Take the first step towards healthier, happier skin!